HDFC Payment Gateway plugin for WordPress

    Hdfc Bank payment gateway is one of the best payment gateways available in India. HDFC Bank Payment Gateway provides a platform to support VISA Card Debit/Credit and Master Card Debit/Credit card. HDFC Bank Payment Gateway also provides secure browser-based access for real time transaction monitoring and reports download.

    We have developed a plugin for WordPress CMS, which makes your life easy. Just install this plugin and configure it. Before using this module, you should have a tie up with HDFC Bank and should have a integration kit ready.

    This plugin will cost Rs. 5,000/- for one website. This includes one year technical support and one year future updates.

    Cleared Paladion Security Audit

    HDFC Bank is partnering with Paladion Security Auditor to assess, analyse & identify vulnerability & security Risk on internet based applications. Paladion Security Auditor carryed out different types of Security audits on this module which is integrated with HDFC Bank Payment Gateway Solutions and also carryed out a few test transaction both successful and unsuccessful. They have reported there is no security loopholes in the payment module.

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